About Us

Welcome to the home of Sand Docker anchors the lightweight anchors perfect for your boat,Jetski or anything that floats! We're located in beautiful Jupiter, Florida and serve Greater West Palm Beach and South Florida.

We are a metal fabrication shop featuring CNC controlled plasma cutting including pipe cutting on our 4'x8' table. Hypertherm's Powermax 65 gives us outstanding results with stainless steel, aluminium, steel, and more! Up to 1/2"!

Our in-house CAD Design department allow us to provide our customers with prompt and accurate renderings from plate, sheet metal. and pipe. We like to say "cool art to car parts", but really it's anything you can imagine from corporate signage, a sign for your man cave, or a disc brake bracket for your '67 Camaro. We can cut it! Let us help you realize your dreams in METAL!